Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri, home of the St. Louis Cardinals. Photo by Bryce Edwards via Flickr.


It’s spring training season for the St. Louis Cardinals. The professional baseball team is training their roster of talent for the 2018 postseason, which will open against the New York Mets. For those who just can’t wait for the opener, most spring training games will stream on cardinals.com, the MLB At Bat app, and FOX Sports Go.

In the postseason, fans will notice that an array of offseason moves have taken place. Nearly a quarter of the 40-man roster was turned over, resulting in a revived and excited lineup of players. After years of upward struggle, including a defeat by the rival Cubs in 2017, the Cardinals are set to be among the Major’s elite in 2018. Continue reading to learn about the most anticipated players, and get information on the postseason Cardinals schedule below.


Resetting the St. Louis Cardinals Roster

The Cardinals have made some adjustments to their roster for the 2018 season with high expectations for improved performance. Some of the top prospects and players are highlighted below.


Alex Reyes

Reyes is the most-talked-about team member when it comes to the postseason roster. After recovering from a Tommy John surgery, the team is hoping to have him come out of the bullpen on May 1. With over 100 innings in previous seasons, the team knows what Reyes is capable of. However, management is hesitant to assign him a role that could put his arm at risk for reinjury. In the end, they want to continue to develop his talent, and we’ll likely see Reyes in a central role this spring.


Alex Reyes by Corn Farmer via Flickr.


Jack Flaherty

Flaherty ranks number two on the postseason prospects. This young, rookie-status player offers a fastball in the 93-95 mph range. While enduring an arm injury, it’s unlikely he will debut on opening day. Still, he is viewed as one of the most valuable strike-throwers for the postseason. He’s often interchanged with Reyes to balance the workload on both players as they make their recoveries.


Marcell Ozuna

This player is going to provide strength to the offensive team. With the addition of Ozuna to the roster, the Cardinals are set to have one of the best outfield units in the league. The Wins Above Replacement (WAR) predict Ozuna to the be top projected Cardinals position player. He was acquired from the Miami Marlins at the cost of four Minor Leaguers.


Tommy Pham

Pham made an impression during the 2017 season, registering a 144 on-base plus slugging (OPS) in 50 plate appearances. It took a while for him to get noticed, playing in the minors for nearly a decade before becoming a big-league star. This well-rounded player played a solid offense and defense in left field. Further demonstrating his diversity, Pham is expected to play in center field during the 2018 postseason.


Cardinals Schedule:

The season opens on March 29 against the Mets. The full schedule can be found here, in addition to Cardinals tickets information. Tickets can be purchased directly through the St. Louis Cardinals website on the tickets page or through StubHub. Prices vary by seating choice and seller.


Baseball teams high fiving after the game

St. Louis Cardinals at the Washington Nationals, 2012. Photo by Keith Allison via Flickr.


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