9th April 2018



ST.LOUIS, MO (Apr. 9th, 2018) Having a screen for the sake of having a screen is a thing of the past in St. Louis’ first smart apartment complex. Tribeca Apartments at 5510 Pershing have integrated interactive, smart technology into every facet of the building. With the help of Fusion Media Systems, located in Brentwood Missouri, Tribeca is pushing beyond just entertainment and incorporating audio/visual technology seamlessly into smart-tech design. All guests to the building will be greeted at the front desk with a 70” touchscreen display. With Engrain Touch-Tour technology, prospective tenants and guests will be able to scroll through all offered floor plans and see 3-dimensional tours of the countless offered amenities. This touch screen will also be available for essential web browsing like checking the local weather report and check in on developing news stories. 

This doesn’t stop in the lobby; top of the line TVs and entertainment systems are designed into spaces throughout the building. Enjoy a self-serve beer while watching the game in the guest bar and lounge or sweat it out to a FITNESS ON DEMAND class in the gym, all viewed on top of the line visual technology. The VIP poolside cabana will be outfitted with private, top of the line 42″ TV. The tenant lounge will feature a huge 85” screen and four smaller TVs behind the bar to help guests keep up with all their favorite sports teams These examples only scratch the surface at Tribeca with systems from AUTCO Distributing installed everywhere throughout the building.

All of this also goes well beyond just the visuals; Fusion Media Systems has streamlined Tribeca ambiance with audibly perfected surround sound and music throughout the building. Staying connected, entertained and involved will be second nature to all of Tribeca’s tenants and guests with the help of the audio/visual expertise of the Fusion Media Systems team.